The Ex Umbris Charter

Ex Umbris is an anarcho-syndicalist commune and we intend to have a very good reputation on our server. We intend to be skilled, knowledgeable and honourable players with the shared goal of enjoying the game from level 1 to where we finally log out.

Ex Umbris is about having fun, we are a community that has come together in order to have fun exploring virtual worlds and challenging the content that the devs have prepared for us.

Ex Umbris is a community that works as a team, has fun and is able to overcome any obstacles laid before it!

Ex Umbris is not uber; we are a community of players that fall between the monikers of casual and hardcore.

Ex Umbris as a community will be focused on exploring the many aspects of the game: exploration, crafting, perception and when we get to the right points in the game we will be raiding.

Ex Umbris does not recommend power levelling to the end of the game, but instead taking your time to explore the game before the "end game".

Ex Umbris is a virtual commune; Ex Umbris would like our members to help each other.

Ex Umbris is not a PvP or a RP guild, however we will have members that enjoy both activities and we will do what we can to support both play styles (as long as they do not detrimentally affect the rest of the guild).

Ex Umbris is a home and a family, not an isolated community locked away from the rest of the server.

Ex Umbris is firmly against the secondary market and the effect it has on games that are not intended to have it.

Our community members are players and citizens of the MMOs we play. We understand that we have benefits and responsibilities as players and game-world citizens. Foremost amongst these benefits and responsibilities are Community participation, the ability to experience Game Content, the concept of Mutual Benefit, the protection of a positive Commune Culture, and the importance of Commune Organization.


Our community will contribute positively to the larger communities that we inhabit. Our name will be known and recognizable and be associated with honesty, integrity, good gamespersonship, and knowledgeable, skillful play. To the best of our ability, we will maintain good relationships with other communities, individuals, and organizations on our server of choice. We will maintain a presence on server boards, class boards, affiliate boards, and the official game boards.

Game Content

Our members will have access to game content they desire and which is reasonably achievable. We will maintain a community size that will allow us to viably progress in all spheres of play. Game progression is an ultimate, but not overriding goal. The pace of forward progress in the game will not be mandated, but will be a direct result of our membership’s desires and availability for participation.

The games we play have their roots in traditional PnP, Computer and On-Line RPGs. Our community will support many forms of role playing.

Mutual Benefit

The members will contribute to the community and the community will contribute to its members. Our community is a "family" community. There will never be required game play time slots or events. Tithes on in-game loot or cash will likewise never be required. Member's voluntary contributions, time spent in community events, direct assistance of membership, et al. will be recorded and recognized by the chairperson. From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs. Transactions between members following this principle are always highly encouraged.


The culture we will encourage and let grow abundantly will be supportive of a wide variety of play styles and lifestyles. All age groups will be represented. Respect is a key ingredient in allowing a diverse membership to coexist and thrive. We will protect our community culture from inappropriate, disrespectful, and disruptive behaviour both through selective recruiting and actions done in response to violation of this document.

Commune Organization

The organization must fill certain spots via distribution of responsibility. This structure might look loosely like a traditional guild, but positions of responsibility in no way confer authority over another member. The guild administrator must be different from the guild webmaster must be different from the chairperson. The administrator is responsible for assigning the members roles in accordance with the premise set forth in this document. The guild webmaster must maintain the guild's public presence, including the discord and the website, as well as any recruiting posts. The chairperson is responsible for holding votes on seconded motions, and for recognizing any matters of routine (trial member promotions, etc). Any people filling these positions can be replaced via a simple majority vote, in cases where the position could be better filled. Elections are motioned for by the chairperson. The election for chairperson is re-held every two weeks via ranked choice ballot. All motions for action put forth by the chairperson (or any other member in good standing) are voted on, yay or nay, or a ranked choice ballot in the case of needing to choose one from among several options. The various admin roles are then responsible for carrying out the commune's decision.


Ex Umbris accepts members only if sponsored by another full member in good standing. As such, recruiting will happen through in game and real life friendships, ensuring that we maintain a high standard of membership. Until we have a game to play, recruiting is closed.